You are Cordially invited to my Birthday Party. Regards, The King

Posted 22nd Apr 11 by Marie in News

So tomorrow, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible with our friends at Stoke Newington International Airport & the Henningham Family Press. ‘How many more lego Bible images can we pull out of the bag before this event is done’, we hear you ask. The answer is plenty. And they’ll be more tomorrow.

As well as The Fig Tailor, The Tree of Useless Knowledge, Johnny Cash, lots of printing,  more Lego and a whole load of apples, we’ll be hosting performances from Nathan Jones, the Henningham Family PressKerry YongKerri Meehan & Sophie Von CundaleMarcus Orlandi. Hosted by Tim Clare, music will be provided by the Disco of the Sheep & Goats, and we’d like your suggestions for Bible themed tracks for them to play on the night. Email suggestions to .

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