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Amidst the mania of launch week, we received some rather sad news. On 11th February an email came through informing us that Pen Pusher, London’s voice of new writing and great festival friend, was to take a dignified final bow. Anna, Felicity and Hape deciding to cease publication as of this month. Read their farewell statement here.

A real champion of quality breakthrough writing, PP has, over its six years, published an incredible compendium of talent: a spooky number of LWF alumni and many more daring poets, authors and performers. All wrapped up in a seductive package with a quality of design that bellied its (initial) £0.00 cover price.

Their launch parties, whether held in a caravan parked inside a cocktail bar, or raucous shows above the Betsy Trotwood were overflowing and always triumphs.

Anna & Hape on the Pen Pusher stall at LWF '09

Anna & Hape on the Pen Pusher stall at LWF '09

I remember making a call to Time Out sometime in late 2008, to enquire about the possibility of a  festival media partnership. Politely, but firmly, they suggested I call back when our ticket numbers had another zero on the end. Told. A couple of days later I received an email from Anna at Pen Pusher, full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm which turned out to be the beginning of a happy relationship that taught me very quickly that a partnership is much more about finding the right people with passion that match your own, far more than profile or notional ABCs.

Their involvment judging and publishing – and even awarding a darts-trophy to the winner, no questions asked – our Search for the Golden Fib competition was among many highlights, and having a Pen Pusher stall pop up at our events was always an asset, source of fun and proud extension of the festival family.

Sorry to see you go, PP. You’ll be missed.

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