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Generating and encouraging new work is at the core of the London Word Festival vision.

More than your average festival, the creative commisioning, collaborations (and few unplanned surprises) we undertake includes not only our performance programme, but also a variety of new artistic projects that extend beyond the confines of the events themselves.

one hundred days to make me a better person

The premise is simple. Pick one thing to do that you can do once each day that will make your life better. Then do it. For one hundred days.

the search for the golden fib

A poetic do-se-doh along the Fibonacci sequence. Our short-form, formalist poetry competition held for the 2009 Festival.

my t-shirt says

What does your t-shirt say about you? Interactive poetry performance and installation project at Vibe Live by Karen McCarthy

permanent tourist

Four young poets, four European cities (Vienna, London, Liverpool, Warsaw), sixteen 'postcard poems' written for the first London Word Festival

the broadsheet ballad

Screen-printed ballads produced live at Stoke Newington International Airport by The Henningham Family Press and Jon Bilbrough

shakespeare in shoreditch

Shakespeare re-imagined in commissioned new written work and manga illustrations. From 2009's sell-out live-show.