I started losing track of time after the towers appeared

Posted 26th Feb 10 by in In Video

A blanket of emerald moss, cotton-soft on the steps. The crumpled bullion of a B&H packet. It should have been calmer than it was, the beer-garden abandoned for the winter. I watched this boxed-in corner of river, its brown whorls and ejaculations the timber frames of the Ramsgate groaning the river a thin mud gruel felching cracked pipes. All this flotsam: branches, twigs, the base of a traffic cone. It was forecast to arrive for days but I saw it first, those first thick flakes dorito-flakes in disappearance on the steps and in the Guinness. The gulls shrieking at last in a natural place I pictured their snowshake against the Millennium Dome…

A sneak preview of Shad Thames, Broken Wharf by Chris McCabe which is performed for one-night only on 18th March at Jamboree, Cable Street Studios. This ‘play of voices’ is performed by Chris McCabe and actors Luke McEwen and Tracey Wilkinson, with Paul Henderson as The Restructure. An original score by Bleeding Heart Narrative is performed live by 10 string players. Original film is provided by Jack Wake-Walker.

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