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As you may have come to expect, this chilly month usually heralds a bit of a ‘to-do’ about the forthcoming London Word Festival – mail outs, streamers, marching bands, JG Ballard on a pole, that sort of thing. And judging by the number of lovely emails & submissions we’ve had, its not gone unnoticed amongst among a few of you.

So we thought best to send the carrier pigeons out with the news that, alas,  there shall be no 2012 festival. After four wonderful years, we wanted to take a break to think about the future, reflect on what we’ve done thus far and explore some new ideas.

We’ll keep you posted on how things develop, and we hope we’ve not upset your forthcoming spring too much. If you do find yourself affected by lackoffestival stress disorder, or know some you is, help is at hand. Here’s some advice from a man who not only knows a thing or two about waiting, but also insects, humans, insects and humans, and even insects and dinosaurs.

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