A Change To The Schedule

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As you may have come to expect, this chilly month usually heralds a bit of a ‘to-do’ about the forthcoming London Word Festival – mail outs, streamers, marching bands, JG Ballard on a pole, that sort of thing. And judging by the number of lovely emails & submissions we’ve had, its not gone unnoticed amongst among a few of you.

So we thought best to send the carrier pigeons out with the news that, alas,  there shall be no 2012 festival. After four wonderful years, we wanted to take a break to think about the future, reflect on what we’ve done thus far and explore some new ideas.

We’ll keep you posted on how things develop.


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Posted 26th Nov 11 by in News

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The Goodbye Library at Humbermouth Festival in July

Posted 17th Jun 11 by in News

Emmy & Jack are taking the Dewey Decimal based perturbed library-variety show to Hull Truck Theatre on 9th July. Part of the Humbermouth Festival. Details and tickets here.

[photo: Rosie Reed Gold]

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King James Bible Bash

Posted 19th May 11 by in In Pictures

Sat 23rd May 2011. At Stoke Newington International Airport.

All photos by Nick Collett

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I am not a number I am a free man

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Be Seeing You‘s compliant, catalogued, captive audience. Each one pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, numbered…

All mugshots by Bronte McConnell

Thanks to everyone who made the festival closing show such a triumph. If you weren’t there (we know), you can also: The Tally Hoax, the newspaper published live on the night by The Ladies of the Press..

(Read on…)

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Festival Programme 2011

Poster illustration by Oliver King