Tim Key, Will Adamsdale, David Trent, Thom Tuck
Sara Pascoe, Rich Sandling, Terry Saunders, Benjamin Partridge, Greg McLaren, Nathan Penlington, Tim Wells, James Ward, Miriam Elia & Nathaniel Metcalfe

& Colin Hoult as host 'Number 2'

+ post performance DJs (til late) & Ladies of the Press*

Bethnal Green Working Mens Club

Prepare to be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed and numbered.

Combining 1960s countercultural themes, surrealism, science fiction and fantasy, cult television series ‘The Prisoner’ brought to life the mysterious dystopian resort setting of The Village.

Be Seeing You takes its cue from Episode 6, in which an elaborate mind control system backed by a mysterious entity, , allows residents of the Village to learn a university degree course in just three minutes. Revealed to be a ‘sophisticated’ computer system, The General is eventually defeated by some simple epistemological trickery when protagonist Number Six feeds the machine the question ‘Why?’

A playful series of 3 minute ‘indoctrinations’, invited artists, performers and ‘experts’ will use the  Speedlearn technique to help you attain the information you want. And the information you don’t. By hook or by crook.