The Chip Shop opens for business

5th Mar 10

David and Ping* Henningham were on hand at the Festival Launch Party this Wednesday to preview the Chip Shop project which opens to the public properly on Saturday. Folks got to order a few taster words and by the end the chips were flying out of the door. Here are a couple of snaps of it in action:

The Henninghams man the counter
The Henninghams man the counter

The counter in all its glory
What can I get you?

The Catch Of The Day
The Catch Of The Day

The chips stay warm in the heat rack
Jump was a popular choice. As was Archipeligo

The Chip Shop is open properly on Sunday 7th at Toynbee Studios Cafe. From 12pm-5pm.

And again on Sun 14th at Red Art Cafe on Kingsland Rd.

And will be at Keep Printing and Carry On on Sat 20th, with Darren Hayman, Jo Neary, Universettee and loads more.

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The Chip Shop opens for business

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