Sun 7 Mar


Henningham Family Press

Toynbee Studio Arts & Cafe Bar | FREE | 12pm-5pm

Built from chip-board and replicating a full-size chippy, The Chip Shop is a fully functioning temporary screen printing workshop, serving up words printed on wooden board. It is conceived, built and manned by the Henningham Family Press.

Through evocative caricature, the installation draws parallels between two diverse processes: an old print method is reanimated, a familiar setting transformed.  For the price of a bag of chips have your word prepared, screened, inked, dried and wrapped in newspaper, ready for you to take home. While you wait. Submit your own words, or order from the ‘catch of the day’. All words submitted will form the basis – the lexicon – for an original 2010 Festival poem, to be written and performed by Ian McMillan on the 31st March.

The shop is open for the afternoon of Sun 7th in Toynbee Studio Arts & Café Bar. You are cordially invited to swing by and submit your words for printing.

The Henningham Family Press is a family-run art and book-making collective, living and working in Dalston, London.

A London Word Festival Commission


The Chip Shop is supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation:

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