Sat 20 Mar


Darren Hayman, Jo Neary & Murray Macauley
with the Henningham Family Press
+ The Chip Shop, Universettee Lectures, Sister Corita The Screenprinting Nun short film screening,
The Great Cake Escape & more tbc

Stoke Newington International Airport | £8 | 6pm

Printmaking, music, film and art combine in your friendly local airport turned ‘prints hamlet’ to celebrate minor British institutions of all shapes and sizes. This get-your-hands-dirty interactive showground plays host to performance, play, refreshment, a little learning and lots of creative fun. An after-hours model-village opening for the grown-ups.

Like Dogville but happy.

The Henningham Family Press collaborate with three very different artists to take a sideways look at British life through that great article of social comment: the poster. As well as performing in their own unique styles, musician Darren Hayman, comedian Jo Neary, and master printer Murray Macauley will each performance-publish a brand new poster on the night.

Around these special performances, the streets of a transformed venue will be lined with interactions and diversions to get involved with. Use special maps to navigate from the village pub to the allotment, cinema, bookshop and back again. Take part in the quiz and games; try printing, stampmaking, knitting and book-craft. Use your special issue ration book at the Great Cake Escape bakery and the store.  There will be a choice of mini-talks put on at the Universettee, the invitational mobile armchair lecture series on cult topics: a flexible syllabus that reflects those taking part, expect anything from Zizek, through Liberian history to Roots Manuva.  We present a screening of Sister Corita The Screening Printing Nun, a short documentary about inspirational artist and educator Corita Kent who used printing to comfort and empower during the social upheavals of the 60s and 70s. There will be an accompanying short cookery-class style lecture and recreation of a Sister Corita print by Murray Macauley.

A London Word Festival Commission

‘A high rise Robyn Hitchcock backed by Belle and Sebastian this is indie worthy of the name.’
Financial Times on Darren Hayman

Keep Printing and Carry On is supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation:

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