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Indifference. Contentment. Bliss. Rapture. Jubilation. Delirium.

No, not the nicknames of the Festival team, but six of the many moods of – the BAFTA Award-winning musical furniture that’s on Thursday.

Described as an ‘autonomous emotional robot indie band’ by , this is Cybraphon’s first trip outside its native Scotland. So be nice. Plug it on or talk behind its back on and Cybraphon will play a tune using over 60 mechanical beaters and instruments hidden within a polished wood and glass exterior.

What’s more, FOUND have produced a special composition for the Festival with help from former Arab Strap frontman : an interpretation of J.G. Ballard’s short story .

This is what had to say about it last year.

Cybraphon is in residence from at , Bethnal Green Road. Visiting hours are and it won’t cost you a penny.

FOUND play mixed-bill robotics night on 19 April at Richmix.

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