Festival Programme 2010

Poster illustration by Oliver King

7 March - 1 April 2010

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Since 2008 the festival has swiftly gained a reputation for pioneering innovative approaches to cross-arts programming and generating new work in non-traditional spaces [More]


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Limited edition poster! The Epic Friday Night Travels of Norman McNorman

23rd Apr 10

“This is the story of Norman McNorman
(an Edward Woodward of a name)
Who changed his life one Friday night
On his way back home from a hopscotch game.”

All the words submitted to the Chip Shop over the course of the festival were packed off and sent to poet extraordinaire Ian McMillan, who used them all and turned out this masterpiece. If you missed out on Ian’s performance of the official London Word Festival 2010 poem, fret not! as you can take a copy home today. Courtesy of the screenprinting genius of the Henningham Family Press, we are making available this beautiful limited edition A3 poster. Printed on 270gsm Bread and Butter paper, this would make a poetic addition to any bedroom or living room wall. Hey, you could even put it in the kitchen…

mcmillan1Ian McMillan’s 2010 Festival Poem printed by the Henningham Family Press

A3 two colour poster
Printed on 270gsm Bread and Butter paper
Limited edition of 100 copies


Art of Storytelling – In Pictures

14th Apr 10

From the Art of Storytelling, at St. Leonard’s Church, 31st March 2010.

All photos Alex Muller – alexmullerphotography.com

For more photos from tonight, see the full set at Alex Muller’s site here

In Pictures – One Hundred Days to Make Me a Better Person

14th Apr 10

Taken during the live portion of Hundred Days to Make Me a Better Person at Work Dalston, Wed 10th March 2010 (photos from the Museum of One Hundred Days can be found here)

All photos Jenna Foxton – jennafoxton.com

The Pictish Trail & Adem

more news from the festival

Tim Turnbull, Luke Kennard, Laura Dockrill, Francesca Millican-Slater – In Pictures

End of the Word – Tonight!

Scrabble Sunday – In Pictures

Leafcutter John: Briggflatts Rewired – In Pictures

A few words with Leafcutter John

‘Oh Whistle and I’ll Come to You, My Lad’ in pictures