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We’re inviting submissions for work to be presented as part of the on There are two opportunities available.

Adam & Eve

Fresh and unusual reflections, explorations & interpretations of these themes, that look at the Bible narrative in the context of contemporary fiction, pop culture or secular ideas. Proposals are welcome from artists and performers working in any discipline or art-form, but must culminate in a piece or performance no longer than 15 mins in length, that can be presented in the context of a live show (this can include pre-record and film).

Please send a short description of your project/idea along with examples of previous work (including images/video if possible) to .


Artists, designers and writers are invited to submit work based on the Creation Story (Genesis chp. 1 v1 – chp. 2 v3), in one of seven categories:

Light & Dark


Sea, Land & Plants

Sun, Moon & Stars

Fish & Birds

Animals of the Land & Humanity


One entry will be selected per category, with those successful invited to make the publication with the Henningham Family Press at their workshop on

Entry Specifications

Multiple submissions welcome, though publication is limited to one piece per artist. Entries must be complete but do not need to be print ready.

Those successful will work with the Henningham Family Press to compose the final poster, when changes in scale, colour, layout and other variables will be made. Entrants will need to enjoy a collaborative process, and be open-minded about how their print interacts with other works.

Include up to two printed colours (the overlap can make a third)

Be a maximum size A4 (though this may be scaled up or down during the design process)

Be submitted as PDF (other file types might be requested, so keep layers separate)

Please send submissions to or by post to Henningham Family Press, 399 Mentmore Terrace, London Fields E8 3PH.


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