Devised by Tom Basden, Francesca Millican-Slater,
James Wilkes & Joe Dunthorne
With Iain Sinclair, David Aaronovitch
& Geraint Anderson (Cityboy)

60 Farringdon Road


September 2008. Without warning or explanation, an elite group of hedge fund managers disappear from their City headquarters. Rumours spread through glass offices and cocktail bars. Reports of strange happenings on Cheapside, abandoned experiments; esoteric financial mechanisms gone wrong, and vigilantes on the prowl. Three years on, and a team of investigators operating below the radar attempt to uncover the truth. Join the team at their Investigations Site Office in Central London as they probe the dark heart of a banking system in crisis. Who were these Missing Persons? What clues can be gleaned from their deserted workstations; from the mysterious patterns of the FTSE Index itself?

Written, devised and performed by , , &

With special guest lecturers:

Friday | on ‘The Slow Death of the Money Metaphor’
Saturday |
Sunday |

NB: This performance lasts approximately 70 minutes.

Avant-garde poet turned psychogeographical author, concerns himself with the “what-if’s” of London. From a world ruled by a tyrannical Thatcher to cerebral walking maps of the London Orbital, Sinclair’s work wryly depicts the city we see with a vision all of its own.

is outspoken, just as the winner of the Orwell Prize for political journalism should be. One time eurocommunist and NUS president, his views are distinctly left(field). Aaronovitch is a regular columnist for and , and author of the debunking tour-de-force .

Best known for his controversial and confessional column in the now-defunct londonpaper, is the voice of the Square Mile. Previously a utilities analyst for the likes of Dresdner Kleinwort, he has been unveiling the mucky underbelly of life in the financial sector through his CityBoy books, with another set to be released this year.