Baby Oil & Ice by Lara Clifton
New work by Michael Curran, Rob Rainbow & Liza Angst, Jason Singh, Gemma Tortella & Caryl Mann (A-Line)
Featuring Ima Doll, Coco, Millie, Vivian, Robert Truscott & Joe Duggan

Sushi by Hannah Silva

Ye Olde Axe

An evening of performance inspired by the striptease trade, set in one of Hackney’s grandest Victorian strip-joints, Ye Olde Axe.

lifted the veil on the world of pub striptease in London’s East End. Containing photographs by Julie Cook & Sarah Ainslie, the book contains over 100 images of venues, changing rooms, performers and punters with writing by the strippers, staff and customers, collated by Lara Clifton. Inspired by the book, we tell the stories of the real people who dwell in the booths, baskstage or by the bar. Five brand new works will bring together sound artists with performers and strippers: avant-film from and , physical live-art from , vocal sculpting from and psych-folk by & (A-Line).

Performances include:

This piece is a collaboration between musicians Gemma Tortella and Caryl Mann.  Gemma is in the band A-Line, a London based psychedelic folk band as well as sometime cabaret and burlesque performer.  Caryl Mann is a professional harpist and composer working in contemporary music.  They have played together in A-Line before but this is their first song-writing collaboration, for this project they have named themselves Seren meaning star in Welsh, they’re both from and met in Wales.  All the strippers from the book are stars in their own right and the song will have the same title.

conceived by Michael Curran, mastered and engineered by Tony Mc Adam

The precarious sound of thrills, pills & spills!

uses samples of East End Football Hooligans, 70s Erotica and by Gina X to scope out the honcho-social space of the strip club – where the force of desire shoots slap bang diggidey - right  into the lap of the spectators.


The piece is inspired musically by Disco/Balearic/ Slo-House genres and the physical act of the dancer moving from being clothed to naked.  As with the dancer, each rhythmic cycle and reversed texture of the piece is removed layer-by-layer thus stripping away drums, percussion, bass line, pad textures, to leave just a single melody, which finally in itself draws to a reversed close.

Do taboos speak of an aversion to the body ? An investigation with time based media and photography.


isa writer and performer whose distinctive style combines the physicality of theatre with energetic, fast-paced lyrical gymnastics. uses statements from women involved in the sex industry as well as a guide to effective eye contact and a discussion around ‘empowerment’ to weave a musical soundscape. Silva challenges and subverts traditional ideas of the body and poetry in performance.