Paul Granjon + FOUND + Ross Sutherland + Nikesh Shukla + Tamarin Norwood + MC Nathan Penlington
featuring Ladies of the Press*


A night of performance exploring technology, robotics and automation.

and his robotic support cast present : a combination of video, home-made cardboard instruments, hard-wired disco and reflections on modern robotics. Author dons his white coat and bionic arm to play a scientist with an obsession with comics who loses himself to circuitry and madness; provides unspoken word with her choreographed piece in British Sign Language; poet presents his new lecture and film on translation and robot poetry, , inspired by the work of JG Ballard (who died two years ago to the day). Scottish wonky indie collagists , whose autonomous emotional band is installed in Richmix Cafe, perform from their new album (Chemikal Underground). Hosted by poet, magician and gadget-phile .

- Drowned in Sound on FOUND

- Ian McMillan, BBC Radio 3 on Ross Sutherland

“Energetic, tender and fizzing with some hilariously awful rapping.” on Nikesh Shukla’s