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Cybraphon is the Bafta Award-winning autonomous emotional robot indie band. Created by Edinburgh-based music and arts collective FOUND, is an interactive, mechanical band consisting of acoustic instruments, antique machinery and found objects played by over 60 robot beaters and motors – all housed in an antique wooden display case. Cybraphon wants to be popular. Every 15 seconds, Cybraphon checks its MySpace page, worries about how many fans it has on Facebook, looks up its website stats and obsessively Googles itself to see what people are saying, as well as posting on Twitter to let the world know how it is feeling. Cybraphon is programmed by a complex algorithm created by Edinburgh University Professor of Language Evolution and Computation Simon Kirby.

Installed in , and free to be loved or antagonised, Cybraphon will be playing a brand new composition: a JG Ballard short story read by (Arab Strap), with musical accompaniment.